Ant Snacks

Ant Snacks

Ants on a Log


  • Celery
  • Peanut butter
  • Raisins

Cut up celery. Spread peanut butter on each piece. Add raisins to the peanut butter all the way up the slice. You can substitute large pretzel sticks for the celery or cream cheese for the peanut butter.

Ant Hill Treats


  • Chocolate-covered raisins
  • Crushed cookie crumbs
  • One cup per child

Place several ants (chocolate-covered raisins) in a cup. Add the soil (crushed cookie crumbs). Uncover the ants with a spoon and enjoy.

Ants in the Sand

  • 2 Graham crackers Chocolate sprinkles

Place graham crackers in a plastic sandwich bag and crush with a rolling pin. Add a few chocolate sprinkles to make ants, and seal the bag. Give to kids to eat with their fingers.

Variations: Add raisins (beetles), red hot candies (bugs) or mini chocolate chips (spider eggs).

Snacks provided by:

Woodbury County Conservation Board
Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center
4500 Sioux River Road
Sioux City, Iowa 51109