Buggy Buddies

Buggy Buddies

This craft is used on “Bug Day” of our week-long Cricket Camp. It is a introduction to insects.

Use large paper bags for the body and small paper bags for the head. Cut up strips of paper bag for the arms and legs. Using different colors of construction paper, cut the paper into hands and feet. Provide different shapes and sizes of scrap paper for the kids to pick through to find a mouth, eyes, and nose. Cut strips out of bag to make the hair; it can be as long or short as you want it. Glue eyes, nose, and mouth to face and set aside. Glue hands on arms and feet on legs. Stuff body and head with newspaper. Attach head using plastic fasteners. Staple on arms and legs. Create a name for your buggy buddy. Have an adult attach the hair with a hot glue gun.

Activities provided by:

Warren County Conservation Board
15565 118th Avenue
Indianola, IA 50125

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Category: Crafts

Iowa Early Learning Standards:
8.2, 8.3, 12.1, 13.1, 14.3

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