Classroom Ladybug Snack

Classroom Ladybug Snack


  • rice cakes
  • strawberry jelly
  • raisins
  • small cookies (vanilla wafers work well)
  • twizzlers cut in short lengths for antennae
  • plastic knives and spoons
  • napkins

The red color of the lady bug beetle is a warning to predators that the ladybug beetle is not tasty and may be slightly poisonous. Ladybug beetles can also give off a very unpleasant odor. They themselves are fierce predators feeding mainly on aphids.

The rice cakes make the ladybug’s body. Children spread jelly on the rice cake. They add several raisins on top for spots. The small cookie becomes the head. Two pieces of twizzler form the antennae.

Snack provided by:

Fontenelle Forest
1111 N. Bellevue Blvd.
Bellevue, NE 68005