Rainbow Fish Banner

Rainbow Fish Banner

Precut banners, fish, and bubbles.

Write fish facts on the bubbles such as:

  • Fish have fins
  • Fish have scales
  • Fish breathe through gills
  • Iowa fish are freshwater fish
  • A group of fish is called a school
  • Fish need clean water

Read the story, The Rainbow Fish, by Marcus Pfister.
Show banner and read fish bubbles. Ask children to paint and decorate fish shapes. Glue fish and fish bubbles on the banner. Glue on goggly eye and shiny scale, just like the ones in the book.

Activity provided by:

Warren County Conservation Board
15565 118th Avenue
Indianola, IA 50125

_ 0-1
_ 1-2
_ 2-3
_ 3-4
✓ 4-5
✓ 5-6

Category: Crafts

Iowa Early Learning Standards:
8.3, 11.1, 11.2, 14.3

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