Underground Animals

Underground Animals

Animals Underground

By Lucia Kemp Henry

Here is the mole that lives underground.
(Close eyes and put hands under your chin.)
Here are the ants in their underground town.
(Use fingers to scurry on the back of the other hand.)
Here is a mouse in her warm little den.
(Wrap arms around torso.)
Here are the worms and there are ten.
(Hold up hands and wiggle ten fingers.)
Here is the turtle where he likes to hide.
(Make a fist (turtle’s shell) and wiggle thumb (turtle’s head).)
Here are the toads sitting side by side.
(Place two closed fists side by side.)
All of these creatures live underground.
(Point to the ground.)
Look very closely or they’ll never be found!
(Make binoculars with hands and place them in front of your eyes.)


By Jackie Silberg

Worms, worms,
Worms crawling on the ground.
Worms, worms,
Worms crawling all around.
Fat worms, thin worms,
Wiggling, wiggling.
Short worms, long worms,
Squiggling, squiggling.
Worms, worms,
Worms crawling in the ground.
Worms, worms,
Worms crawling all around.
If I was a wiggle, wiggle worm
I would wiggle like this! (Wiggle like a worm)

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