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Sounds Around

While out and exploring with your little ones, a great activity is simply sitting and listening to what is going on around you. Sit quietly and listen. What do you hear?  A clock ticking? Birds singing? Children laughing? Sounds surround us every day, some we actively listen to, such a song on the radio, other sounds we “tune out”, like the ticking of a clock. Nature is full of sounds, birds calling, leaves rustling in trees, small animals scurrying through the underbrush.


Play “Sound Bingo.” Make cards/sheets for each child with images of different animals, sounds, etc. Play corresponding sound. If the children have the corresponding image for the sound, they put a game piece (acorn, pebble, bean, bead) on the image. The first child to fill in a row or card yells “Bingo’!

Naturesongs: Nature Recordings and Photos