I don’t much like to watch the news on television. Reading the newspaper is only slightly better as it’s easier to pick and choose. Am I sticking my head in the sand, refusing to deal with the harsh reality of what is the year 2015? No… I just get tired of hearing the reality of this person, that group, or a government somewhere that doesn’t like, want, can’t tolerate any number of X, Y, or Z. On the flip-side, “happy news” probably doesn’t have the viewers needed to sell advertising. That’s just my hunch, no study or statistics to cite. Then I might be considered a Pollyanna if I focus on the cheery, sometimes sappy, feel-good stories. Reality is somewhere hiding in the middle.

RippleGraham Nash of Crosby Stills Nash and Young said it very well. “Teach, your children well… and feed them on your dreams…” We can teach the young people in our lives because they watch us, our every move, our language, our hopes and dreams, our good deeds, and our less-than-stellar moments. Thank you to Shauna of Bead Spirit Designs for these words of wisdom that I read this morning. “I have taught our son (now 10 years old) to always help others on this Earth Walk, whenever possible, in big ways and more importantly in small ways… with no exceptions.” I met this young man at a nearby Farmer’s Market and can say he is a pretty cool young man! She goes on to say, “I beg you to keep doing your small acts of kindness, your ‘pay it forward,’ and your graciousness to total strangers. Small ripples of love in a crazy, crazy world. Our children are watching.”

It’s time to go make some good ripples…and feed some dreams.

Musings from Murgatroyd by Linette Bernard
Murgatroyd is a family surname from England and has absolutely nothing to do with early childhood. The saying ‘heavens to Murgatroyd’ was one I remember my father saying, as well as ‘musings from Murgatroyd’ often were at the top of handwritten letters to me during and after college. From time to time more musings just may bubble to the surface to be shared.