Ode to our mothers and women in our life!

As Mother’s Day starts to wind down, I sit at the computer and struggle to find the words to describe the importance of being a mom or a dad. Every adult in a child’s life shapes and guides the person they are to become.

Adults lead by example in everything we do each day. The words we use, our likes, dislikes, fears, our attention to detail and “stick-to-itive-ness,” our curiosity, willingness to learn, and so much more can shape the same in those around us… both children and adults!

Think of the adults that raised you and reminisce about the key beliefs, likes, and dislikes that each gave you. I love the outdoors, can catch a frog (most of the time), enjoy my flower beds, watch birds and planes fly overhead and cars race around tracks, believe there isn’t a task I can’t accomplish, and do my jobs to the best of my ability each day.

a unicorn
What do you see in this picture?

Sometimes just being together outside on a picnic blanket finding animal shapes in the clouds, seeing something around us that looks like a magical figure can inspire great memories of the time spent together. It can also be as easy as getting grass stains on your knees and sloshing through puddles that can bring us closer to nature, inspire creativity, and strengthen all our senses. Unplug, learn, role-model…

I hope you all strive each day to spend time outdoors and to be the best role model for others.

Musings from Murgatroyd by Linette Bernard
Murgatroyd is a family surname from England and has absolutely nothing to do with early childhood. The saying ‘heavens to Murgatroyd’ was one I remember my father saying, as well as ‘musings from Murgatroyd’ often were at the top of handwritten letters to me during and after college. From time to time more musings just may bubble to the surface to be shared.