We need seeds!

Fall is the perfect time of year to explore the wonder of plant seeds!

Collect enough seeds from the same plant for each child – maple tree seeds or “whirligigs” are perfect if you have! Hand out one seed to each child and allow them to feel the seed and study it. Start your discussion with questions like:

  • What do you think this is?
  • Where can we find more?
  • Are these food for any animal?

seeds on socksThen get everyone ready to go outside for a “seed walk!” Take children on a walk around the schoolyard or your local park to collect seeds from grasses, plants, and trees. Ideas to help you collect seeds include putting a tube sock over the child’s shoe / leg or wrapping masking tape around ankles or wrists with the sticky side out!

Try making nature sorting baskets so they can sort seeds as they collect them. Sort by size, shape, or color. Examine the seeds, talk about what seeds are and how people and animals eat them. Then, use the seeds to create seed collages or seed animals.

Save a few seeds to grow in the classroom. Gather paper towels, small seal-able plastic bags and a marker. Dampen paper towels and fold into rectangle or square to fit inside plastic bag. Let each child place a seed they collected inside the paper towel and place into plastic bag. Label each child’s bag. Close the bags and place in a semi-dark place. Check back often to see if the seeds are growing!

You and your students could also head outside for a mystery hunt to find the source of the maple tree seeds.

For more fun ideas to do with seeds use Growing Up WILD’s “Seed Need!” activity.

Remember to use the activity and book search here on KinderNature.org for activities, songs, games, and books about seeds and plants.

prairie seeds