A Corn Cob is a Seed Package

A Corn Cob is a Seed Package


  • large plastic bin
  • feed corn
  • scoops and measuring cups


Share a book about the life cycle of corn. From Kernel to Corn Cob by Ellen Weiss is a good choice.


Give each child an ear of feed corn. Let them fell, smell, and experiment with the ear. Help the children understand that just one kernel of corn is a seed that can grow into a new corn plant. Encourage the children to remove the kernels from their cob and put them into the bin for play. Then of course, let the children play with the kernels scooping and pouring!

A drop cloth under the mat helps to manage spilled corn. At the end of the activity, spilled corn can be placed outside for the squirrels.

Children over three know but need to be reminded not to eat the corn. An adult needs to monitor the play so that the children don’t experiment with putting the corn into various body parts. I had a little boy who put a kernel into his belly button. (His mother was watching and she didn’t seem to mind.)

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Category: Group Activities

Iowa Early Learning Standards:
8.2, 9.1, 9.4, 14.3

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