Bee Songs

Bee Songs


Here is the beehive, where are the bees?
(Hold two hands together.)
Hidden away where nobody sees.
(Shake head no.)
Now they come creeping out of the hive:
One, two, three, four, five, buzzzzzzz
(Count out each finger, buzz, and fly.)

The Buzzing Busy Bee

The bee is such a busy soul.
She buzzes all around.
You see her flit from flower to flower,
Making her sweet buzzing sound. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzz

She sips each flower’s nectar sweet,
‘Til she can drink no more.
Then back to her hive to prepare a treat
Of honey which she’ll store. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Once in her hive, she doesn’t stop.
Her chores continue on.
Feeding queen and young and fanning her hive,
Singing her sweet buzzing song. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Five Busy Bees

Five little busy bees on a day so sunny.
(Hold up all fingers.)
Number one said, I’d like to make some honey.
(Bend down number one.)
Number two said, Tell me where shall it be?
(Bend down second finger.)
Number three said, In the old honey-tree.
(Bend down third finger.)
Number four said, Let’s gather nectar sweet.
(Bend down fourth finger.)
Number five said, Let’s take pollen on our feet.
(Bend down thumb.)
Humming their busy little honeybee song.
Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! (Fly fingers.)

Activities provided by:

Story County Conservation Board
Nature Boxes for Early Childhood Educators
Debbi Williams
56461 180th St.
Ames, IA 50010
Story County Conservation

_ 0-1
_ 1-2
✓ 2-3
✓ 3-4
✓ 4-5
✓ 5-6

Category: Songs

Iowa Early Learning Standards:
1.2, 3.4, 6.2, 7.3, 8.2, 10.4, 13.2, 14.3

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