Camouflage Animals

Camouflage Animals

Camouflage Worms

Cut different colored pipe cleaners into one-inch sections (these are the worms). One color should be the same color as the surface on which you are going to play. Spread the worms all over the ground (outside) or floor. Instruct the children to be frogs looking for a tasty worm treat. Have them hop to find their worms. You may also let the children use the frog puppets to collect the worms. To make the activity a little more fun, have the teacher be the heron who is stalking the frogs.

Count and categorize the worms. Which ones were the most difficult to see.

Hawk and Rabbit

Make rabbit ear hats for each of the children. Play the Hawk and Rabbit game outside. The children are rabbits and need to find a place to hide in the tall grass or bushes while you, the hawk, swoop around trying to catch them. Periodically announce that you are gone so they can come out and munch on the grass.

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Iowa Early Learning Standards:
8.2, 9.4, 10.4, 12.1, 12.4, 13.3, 14.3

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