Make an Owl Costume

Make an Owl Costume

Take a precut paper bag vest. Place it with the side that opens facing the child.

Help the child glue on two large yellow circles. Explain to the child that owls hunt at night. They are “nocturnal.” The yellow in their eye helps them to see better at night.

Glue two smaller black circles on the yellow.

Help the child edge the feather “ear tufts.” (Younger children might not have the patience to complete this part so you can add the ear tufts without edging them.) Then glue these feathers to each front strap. (Owls ears are actually hidden under their feathers. One ear is up and the other is down. This arrangement helps the owl to focus on a particular sound.)

Glue on an orange beak. You will be gluing it over the opening but will then cut it up the middle. Owl’s beaks are very sharp. They use their beak to cut and tear their food just like we use a knife and fork.

Help the child put on their costume. Fly with them and let them hoot like an owl.

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Iowa Early Learning Standards:
8.2, 13.1, 13.3, 14.3

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