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Measuring Shadows


  1. Cut along the dashed line – – – – – – – around the groundhog.
  2. Fold on the dotted line . . . . . . . . to make the groundhog stand up.
  3. Take the groundhog outside on a sunny day.
  4. Put it on the ground (blacktop playgrounds or parking areas work best).
  5. Turn it so that the groundhog’s shadow is inside the rectangle. Mark with chalk each child’s groundhog placement so that when repeat measures are taken, the groundhog will be in the same spot.
  6. Use the ruler or optional measuring device to measure the length of the shadow (Measure from the fold to the tip of the shadow.)
  7. Record the time of day and the length of the groundhog’s shadow in centimeters, inches or non-standard units.
  8. Repeat the measuring activity several times during the day. But before going outside to repeat the measuring, ask your
    children to predict what will happen to the groundhog’s shadow.
    Record their predictions on chart paper.

Groundhog Data
Time Shadow Length
______ _____ _______
______ _____ _______
______ _____ _______
______ _____ _______

Write a sentence. What do you know about shadows?

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