Pumpkin Song and Fingerplay

Pumpkin Song and Fingerplay

I’m a little pumpkin orange and round
(The child joins their hands out in front of their tummy to make a
round pumpkin shape.)

Here is my stem and there is the ground
(The child touches their head with a closed fist to make a stem
then points to the ground.)

When you come and pick me, I will shout
(Child shouts out “hooray!”)

Just open me up and scoop me out
(Child pretends to scoop out a pumpkin.)

Activity provided by:

Fontenelle Forest
1111 N. Bellevue Blvd.
Bellevue, NE 68005

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Category: Songs

Iowa Early Learning Standards:
8.2, 13.2, 13.3, 14.3

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