Habitat Sounds That Match

Fill film canisters with objects from different habitats. Label the containers A, B, C, etc. Have the children shake the containers and guess the contents. Match the contents to the correct habitat area on the habitat board.

Canister A ~ Grass stalks – Prairie
Canister B ~ Water – Pond
Canister C ~ Small twigs – Forest
Canister D ~ Sand – Desert

Let the children make their own sound shakers with materials collected while exploring the habitats.

Sounds Like The Tall, Tall Grass

Using Denise Fleming’s book In The Tall, Tall Grass, have your children give you musical accompaniment to the story.

Creatures – Sound suggestions
caterpillars – crinkle wax paper
hummingbirds – tap a spoon on a jar
bees – strum a small guitar or rubber bands on a box
bird – clap hands, tap rhythm sticks
ants – rub hands together
snake – shake a tub of dried beans
moles – rub sandpaper together
beetles – jingle a set of keys
toads – tap two blocks
bunnies – tap a box or drum
fireflies – ring jingle bells
bats – blow a party-favor noise maker

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