The Magic of Seasons

The Magic of Seasons

(sung to “Clementine”)

It’s like magic, seasons changing
Summer, fall to winter, spring
Summer, fall to winter, spring
Changing seasons can be seen

In the summer sun is shining
Butterflies dancing on a breeze
Insects buzzing, fish a jumping
Little fawns run through the trees

In the fall time days get colder
Geese are flying through the sky
Tree leaves change to fancy colors
They go crunch as we walk by

In the winter snow is falling
Winter trees are dressed in white
Bats and woodchucks winter sleeping
Owls are calling in the night

In the spring time rains are falling
Birds are singing all around
In the forest trees are growing
Baby animals can be found

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Category: Songs

Iowa Early Learning Standards:
13.2, 14.3