Turkey Callers

Turkey Callers


  • 8-ounce paper cups
  • cotton string
  • paper clips
  • ball point pen
  • construction paper or turkey stickers
  • craft glue or tape
  • wet sponges or a small pail of water

Female turkeys do not gobble. They can make many different calls but the most common is a yelp. The yelp attracts the male or Tom turkeys. These turkey callers really do bring in the males.


Take a paper cup.
Use a pen to make a hole in the bottom.
Put a string through the hole.
Tie a paper clip to the string so that the clip is inside the cup.

Children may use construction paper to decorate the cup making it look like a turkey. Younger children may want to use turkey stickers.

Help the children to get their string wet. They then pull their fingers along the string to make a female turkey yelp.

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Fontenelle Forest
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Category: Crafts

Iowa Early Learning Standards:
8.2, 9.4, 13.1, 13.2, 14.3

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