Underwater View Tube

Underwater View Tube


  • 2-quart milk carton
  • Clear cellophane
  • Rubber band

Cut the top and bottom off the milk carton. Attach the cellophane to the bottom of the milk carton with a rubber band. Use the viewer in the pond or set up an underwater world in your classroom by placing items in the bottom of an aquarium. Let the children look through their underwater viewers to see the treasures.

Activity provided by:

Story County Conservation Board
Nature Boxes for Early Childhood Educators
Debbi Williams
56461 180th St.
Ames, IA 50010
Story County Conservation

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Category: Crafts

Iowa Early Learning Standards:
1.2, 2.4, 6.1, 7.3, 8.2, 9.4 13.1, 14.3

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