What’s Underground?

What’s Underground?


Take your class outside to observe an ant hill or leave a piece of bread close to the window sill so the class may observe ants coming to eat.

To investigate ants a little closer, bring them into your home or classroom. Fill a large jar with sifted dirt and sand and punch some small holes in the lid. Collect some ants from outside being careful as some bite or sting. Transfer the ants into the larger jar and provide them with small amounts of food and a wet sponge. Tape a piece of black construction paper over the jar to make it dark for the ants. Remove the construction paper when you want to observe the ants, but replace when you have finished.

Another source for ant observation is a commercial ant farm. These are available in many pet stores and toy stores.

Worm Ranch

Make your own worm ranch and watch worms for a day. Cut a 2-liter pop bottle in half. Fill the bottom with damp soil. Place a worm in your ranch and watch. Worms don’t last very long out of the soil, so ask that the children return the worms to a garden or park at the end of the day. Worms are easily obtainable from fish bait stores.

Growing Underground

Read the story Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens. Discuss which vegetables grow under the ground. Use a felt board to grow your veggies. Make a puzzle of underground vegetables.

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