Football helmet- cushioning against drumming
Chisel- beak used to peck in wood
Picture of a bike kickstand- stiff tail helps to prop woodpeckers up when drumming
Drum- woodpeckers drum to attract a make and say this is my tree, my woods so if you’re a woodpecker live somewhere else
Party favor (the kind you blow)- long skinny tongue that can snake down holes in the tree
Ladder- special climbing feet. Tow toes forward, two toes backward… specialized for climbing


Bagel Suet Feeder- Spread Crisco on a bagel (flat side) and then place it in birdseed. Tie yarn around it for hanging outside. Materials: 6 bagels (dried out), Crisco, yarn, birdseed in a tub, dried raisins, newspaper, baggies, permanent markers.

Stringing Peanuts- String peanuts onto a pipe cleaner. Materials: Peanuts in the shell that already have holes in them, pipe cleaners, needles, yarn.

Rhythm Tapping- Have children tap out a simple rhythm played by the adult. Materials: Rhythm sticks, suggested tapping cards, sound of woodpeckers tapping.

Playing with Bird Seed- Tubs of birdseed, funnels, cups, spoons, measuring cups, etc…

Bird Observation- Materials: Binoculars, bird books

Acorns/logs- Put acorns into holes in a log. Materials: two logs with holes in them, a bag of acorns.

Feather Sorting- Give students a variety of feathers (purchased from a craft store) and have them sort them according to color, type, size, pattern, etc…


The woodpecker clings
On the edge of a tree
Drumming on bark
For bugs you see

Chick a boom, chick a boom
Tap, tap, tap
Chick a boom, chick a boom
Tap, tap, tap

Ants, beetles
Spiders, grubs
Any kind of buy
Woodpeckers love


Is very long tongue
Snakes down the hole
To find ants to eat
Is its goal


I wish I could climb
Like woodpeckers do
But I’d need special feet Toes in twos


Activities provided by:

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Story County Conservation

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Category: Adult-Child

30 minutes

spring, summer, fall

Iowa Early Learning Standards:
1.2, 1.3, 2.1, 2.4, 5.3, 5.4, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 7.3

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