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To be a tree

July can be warm, but there is nothing better than sitting in the shade under a large tree with a nice breeze. It’s also a great time to talk about the tree! We have more in common with trees than we think! Lead a conversation with your children: How many arms do you have? How many “arms” does a tree have? How do you use your arms? How does a tree use its “arms?” Do you have skin? Does a tree have “skin?” How is your skin different from a tree’s “skin?” Does your skin do the same thing? Do you have feet? Trees have feet too, we call them roots. What do your feet do? What to tree roots do?

Go on a walk to look for and explore tree parts. Some trees have smooth bark while others have rough bark, leaves are different shapes and sizes, some trees are very tall, others are very small. Ask questions and encourage children to share their observations.

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