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Adopt a Tree Reminder

Did your children adopt a tree this year? Now is a great time to go on a late winter/early spring tree walk to visit “their” trees.  Remember to take a picture of each child with their tree, and let them make observations about their tree. Note the difference between evergreen trees and trees that lose their leaves during the winter.  Feel the difference textures of the bark on different trees.

Extension to the winter tree walk:

After returning to the classroom display a collection of evergreen and deciduous tree twigs and allow children to explore them.  Smell them, scratch them, feel the difference in their bark, use magnifying glasses to look closer. Note that the evergreen twigs have “needles” on them but that the deciduous twigs do not.  Ask: Which twigs do you like best?  How are the leaves the same? How are they different? How are the leaves of evergreen trees different from the leaves of the trees that lose their leaves in the fall?

After children have had an opportunity to fully explore the twigs get out paint and paper and let them paint with evergreen branches or make prints using the needles.  They could paint a picture of their adopted tree.